Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare 

Killhouse is a very small map from the Variety Map Packand is inspired by the tutorial level "F.N.G.". It is a symmetrical map with a looking post in the middle. The buildings are wooden and the walls are concrete. It will sure be home to some very fierce battles as the map is no larger than Shipment. 

 It is hard to have a balanced plan on this map, but some simple tips could help.

  • Even though the looking post is high up, do not snipe from it. The thin plywood floor and walls can be shot through easily.
  • Close quarters combat will take the majority of kills, when running to the other team's areas use the sides, not the middle as you will most likely be killed very quickly.
  • The map is quite useful for Sub machine guns and shotguns, as they excel in close quarters.
  • Another useful strategy is to choose 3x Frag perk,Deep Impact and Sonic Boom with a shotgun, MP5,M16 or P90, its a good idea to shoot through walls, throw plenty of grenades and stay to the sides of the map.
  • A popular strategy is to use a light machine gun along with deep impact. Then, as soon as the enemy comes into the wooden corridor that is on one of the sides of the map, the player can easily kill them by shooting through the walls.

  • This map can most easily be won in a team match by strategically placing your teammates in a line position and moving through each area of the map, thereby covering all angles.
  • An M4 Carbine or G36c should do a good job here as they both have the same penetration abilities. The M4 fires about 50-100 rounds faster, but you'll only need about three rounds to kill. The G36c has better accuracy, but the M4 Carbine has an unnoticeable difference in visual recoil.
  • C4 works well in this map. The reason is because the map is small so, definitely, there will be a couple of preferred spots. A good place to put C4 is on the building which has the wooden area where you can hide and watch for anyone going near the C4. But be careful because the wood is easily penetrated even without Deep Impact with most guns. 


  • If the player jumps off the looking post and lands in the red circle, he will not suffer any fall damage. However, if the player miss the circle while in Hardcore mode, he may fall to his death.
  • If the player looks outside the building in spectator mode, it is possible to see that there are two more similar buildings, on either side.
  • In spectator mode, if you go up through the roof, you can go through the window of one of the adjacent buildings and go inside.
  • The south end of the map is designed like the range in "F.N.G.".
  • In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized, there is a multiplayer map called "Killhouse" as well. It is almost a replica of the console version. There is no platform in the middle, and the player can climb up a ladder and walk around the edge of the walls.
  • "Killhouse" is a military term for an area where soldiers train in close quarters with live ammunition.
  • In the map, there is a poster in Russian. It contains some information about the AKM assault rifle.
  • The AKM poster is seen rarely throughout the game.


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