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Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

The L86 is a LSW (Light Support Weapon) used by the British Armed Forces. It has been featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It is available when the player first starts multiplayer. It kills in 2-3 shots (depending on stopping power) in standard multiplayer game types and 1 in hardcore games. It is quite accurate for a light machine gun but only if short, controlled bursts are used. It has a high range, and could even be used as an automatic Sniper Rifle, if the Bling perk is used to attach a Thermal Scope and Grip. When the ACOG Scope attachment is equipped, it takes the appearance of the British SUSAT sight which is standard on all L85 and L86 rifles. On the level Loose Ends, three L86s can be found next to a window held up by their bipods. All of these weapons have the correct SUSAT scope, with a needle in place of the ACOG crosshair. However, the SUSAT sight is given very little magnifaction, in reality it should be x4. The weapon also has a drum magazine, unlike the real one which uses 30 round STANAG magazines. Even though it uses a drum magazine, the reload time is far quicker than that of the MG4RPD and M240, because the L86 is not belt-fed.

The L86 does the most damage per second out of all of the weapons. However, this is balanced, due to its high recoil when firing full auto at long range and difficult-to-use iron sights (which some argue are the worst in the game). Firing 2 shots quickly with stopping power at a target will almost always guarantee a kill.


  • It is unknown how Russian mercenaries/ultranationalists would have L86 LSWs as seen in Loose Ends. The L86 LSW is not a surplus weapon, and it is used exclusively by the British Armed forces. However the game is set many years in the future, and it may have become a surplus weapon by that time.
  • The L86 LSW is one of the few weapons where an attached Heartbeat Sensor will be fully visible when aiming down the sight (Assuming a thermal scope isn't also attached).
  • The pickup emblem for the L86 LSW is actually shows L85, as it was rumored the L85 was going to be in the game but was scrapped at the last minute.
  • The AUG HBAR used the L86's pick-up icon early in development, but it was later given its own unique one. This can be seen in the E3 Demo.
  • The L86 LSW has a unusual sound when firing, it actually sounds like a fully automatic Dragunov, from both first person and third person. Infinity Ward most likely took the sound byte from Call of Duty 4 and used it again.

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