Call Of Duty : Black Ops

The rifle is very strong, being a one shot kill to the head, neck, upper body, lower body and shoulders. A shot to the arms and legs requires two hits to kill. The weapon has, however, very high recoil and a low rate of fire. The L96A1 is unlocked for purchase at Level 27, costing 2000. It utilizes the semi-unique SUSAT scope when equipped with the ACOG scope, like the Enfield. 

In Zombies mode, it is available out of the mystery box, and is a one-hit-kill in the early rounds, but can be fairly awkward to use, due to the low hip-fire accuracy, low rate of fire and the high zoom on the scope, and at higher rounds it takes several shots to kill. It is named the "L115 Isolator" when Pack-a-Punched, where it gains more power and a Variable Zoom scope.

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