Band Of Brilliance

Little Resistance is the second level of Call of Duty: World at War. In this mission, the player starts out on a landing craft making its way to Peleliu Island's beach, but the craft gets stuck on coral and they become vulnerable to enemy fire, which they were not expecting. As a soldier looks over the craft to see what happened, he gets shot in the head. Then a massive explosion destroys the boat and everyone is sent into the water. Miller is saved by Sergeant Sullivan, and he orders the player to radio in a rocket strike on the enemy lines. When he does this, he proceeds onto the island. After a flamethrowerwipes out a machine gun turret, the player goes through a small trench and is faced with a large Japanese trench and machine gun nest. The player proceeds through the trench, and goes up a ladder and kills the turret gunners. The player must now call in two rocket strikes on Japanese tanks to clear the way for an American tank and some more soldiers. After all that action, the player witnesses the death of his squad leader, Sergeant Sullivan.

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