Call Of Duty 5 : World At War

An overall decent pistol with moderate damage and ammo capacity, the M1911 is better used as a last resort weapon, in which case, as it was in real life, the pistol is much better than that. It is the default Last Stand pistol. It holds 8 rounds, opposed to the actual WW2 M1911s, which held 7 rounds (it may correct with the first time you shoot it for one round in chamber). Out of all the pistols, this is the most overlooked, because most players doubt its power. However, it is exactly the same as the other non-Magnum pistols except for reload times.

In Nazi Zombies, players always start with the M1911. It's a good gun for the first two to three rounds, but it is useless in any later round.

In Der Riese, the M1911 can be upgraded to the "C-3000 b1at ch35". It translates to "See-3000 biatches" in 1337 (leet). The C-3000 shoots grenades instead of regular bullets, and has minor splash damage. It is a less powerful form of the Holy Pistol.

Call Of Duty : Black Ops 

An M1911 with "Sally" engraved on it is seen at the end of both the two trailers, and promotional pictures for Call of Duty: Black Ops. There is a total of eight Tally marks along its slide; it is thought that the said marks may be "kill marks". The M1911's Iron Sight has also been updated.

The M1911 is given to the player for the first portion of Victor CharlieMason picks it up from the floor and shoots the two Vietcong soldiers after they shoot the pilot. The player keeps the M1911 alongside a knife for the stealthy C4 placement portion. They then lose it after detonating the C4, getting a Commando and WA2000. It later appears in the mission WMD. It is given to the player in the first building. It can be swapped out for a Russian weapon, or it will also appear when you breach the second building. After the SR-71 sequence, it is replaced by a Crossbow.

The M1911 is a selectable secondary weapon in Black Ops. It takes 3 shots to kill an enemy at close range and 5 shots to kill an enemy at medium to long range. This weapon is used in the One in the Chamber Wager Match game mode. It is a unlocked pistol at level 1 along with the Makarov and ASP in the default classes. It is most comparable to the ASP, as they have the same magazine size, multipliers, and range. However the M1911 sports something that the ASP can not, the ability to use a SuppressorUpgraded Iron Sights and Extended Magazines. It should also be noted that it benefits heavily from Extended Mags, as it doubles the magazine size of the pistol.

In Kino der Toten and "Five", the M1911 is the gun that the player starts with. When upgraded by the Pack-a-Punch Machine it gains the Dual Wield attachment, with the guns being named Mustang & Sally respectively. Furthermore, the ammo changes so the gun fires grenades instead. The name Mustang & Sally could be a reference to the box art were the left gun has Sally carved on it. The name is also a reference to a classic rock song in the 60's called "Mustang Sally".


  • Extended Magazines
  • Suppressor
  • Dual Wield
  • Upgraded Iron Sights


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