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Call Of Duty 2

The M1919 is only available in the form of a mounted turret. It has high damage, especially in SP. Great range, and high rate of fire makes it an excellent gun to use. However, it has very high recoil, so it is a good idea to fire in bursts.

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Call Of Duty 3

In Call of Duty 3, the M1919 appears only in multiplayer. It is nearly the same as the version in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One. When being aimed, the player automatically goes prone and places the bipod on the ground, making it impossible to aim standing up, as was the case in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One.

The .30 Cal takes a much shorter time to setup than the MG34, making it a much better weapon. Going prone to aim throws enemies' aim off, and being immediately able to fire the weapon once prone, the .30 Cal is deadly at any range.

Call Of Duty 5 : World At War

 The M1919 is unlocked at level 61. Compared to most other machine guns, minding the MG42, the M1919 has a high rate of fire and high damage. Its iron sights can be considered "odd" by some, but still usable. Since the weapon is a true medium machine gun, a user cannot realistically aim accurately with its iron sights. Thus, the iron sights were meant to be used by MMG teams to provide suppressing fire for friendly units (noting the large rectangle was the "probable" calculation for where the bullets will hit). On the wii version it has an extra part on the iron sights, making it less "odd". Also on the wii version, some ignore this gun because of the lower rate of fire and how the aiming works different than in single player, (in single player the iron sights will stay in the middle of the screen when moving, but in multiplayer the sights can move to the edge of the screen) making it partially block the players vision when tracking a target.

One important, and odd, advantage of the M1919 is that it has the same movement speed as an SMG.

Its main flaws are its long reload time and awful hip accuracy. If wielded correctly, though, this is a weapon to be reckoned with, being effective at mid-long ranges and somewhat decent at close range. Common perks used with the M1919 to maximize its good points or make up for its flaws are usually Sleight of HandStopping PowerSteady Aim, and Deep Impact. Sleight of Hand is indeed handy as the reload time for the M1919 is the longest out of all the weapons of Call of Duty: World at WarDouble Tap and Steady Aim can make this weapon excellent for room-clearing. Be warned, as ADS accuracy decreases with Double Tap.

This weapon is quite good at long ranges, even if the amount of sway may be impeding. It is best to use controlled bursts instead of attempting continuous fire as one will be using quite a lot of bullets with this sort of strategy.

This gun is often compared to the MG42, while it is that the MG42 fires bullets faster then the Browning, however the Browning's bullets do more damage. The MG42 does more damage per second, though.


  • In Call of Duty: World at War, carrying and firing the M1919 with only one operator is unusual, but not totally unrealistic. The M1919 has been filmed in World War II being used in this manner with the aid of a simple sling to help support its weight. A second man may or may not be close behind carrying a long ammo belt to feed the weapon, and most likely the tripod for the gun because it would weigh over 50lbs with the tripod attached. As noted a later model the M1919A6 was fitted with a buttstock and pistol grip and was intended for this sort of use.
  • There is a piece of cloth wrapped around the barrel jacket of the weapon, which is where one would place one's hand. The piece of cloth is there due to the quick overheating caused by firing for extended times and a high chance of a burn otherwise.
  • The mission Breaking Point has a soldier (who can be saved or killed) seen after exiting the tunnels listed as a submachine gun gunner, even though he has an M1919.
  • On the Soviet T-34, the MG turret for the tank appears to look like an M1919, which the Soviet Army never fielded.
  • The Browning is finished reloading once you hit the top of the gun with your fist, so double tapping the weapon switch button ("Y" for the Xbox 360, "mouse wheel or 1" for thePC, "Right" on the D-pad for Wii and "Triangle" for the Playstation 3) afterwards effectively cuts the reload time in half, eliminating the need for Sleight of Hand. The concept of add time applies here. This is also recommended on the MG42. This tactic is known as reload canceling.
  • If you look at the Browning from third-person view, there is no ammo belt on the weapon, this is most easily seen on Breaking Point as the soldier with the M1919 is in a pose where the machine gun can be seen.
  • In SP and MP empty out your belt but leave one round in the belt, Notice there is a whole belt there instead of one bullet. Shoot that one bullet, the whole belt will be fed through the machine at once.
  • When reloading from an empty magazine, only reload cancel after the player puts their hand on the cloth. If you cancel before you will have to do the whole reload again.
  • In Der Riese, it is upgraded to the B-115 Accelerator when put in the Pack-a-Punch Machine, featuring a higher rate of fire, more power, and more spare ammunition. (750 cartridges).
  • As with all bipods the bipod will appear extended when viewed from 3rd person instead of retracted as viewed from 1st person.
  • The presence of 115 in the Pack-a -Punched M1919's name is, like the upgraded PPSh-41's 115 round magazine and the upgraded G43's name, G115 Compressor, yet another reference to element 115 (Ununpentium).
  • In the Russian missions in Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo DS) sometimes there is a glitch where if you pick up an M1919, the sleeves on the arms will look the same as ones on the Marines uniform.

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