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Call Of Duty 5 : World At War

In the single-player campaign, the flamethrower can be used by the player in the Pacific Campaign, although German soldiers sometimes use flamethrowers in the Soviet Campaign. It is also possible to kill enemy soldiers by shooting the fuel tank, causing the flamethrower to explode and killing nearby enemies during the missions Vendetta andDownfall. The M2 Flamethrower is not effective at long range, however is very effective in close range, especially in Hardcore. It can be used to 'spray' an entire area in a very small amount of time. It is particularly effective in Hardcore Team Deathmatch, Hardcore War, Hardcore Free-for-All, and Headquarters. The only flaws could be the one second charge it needs before projecting flames, limited range, and in multiplayer, it overheats much faster than its single player counterpart. It is generally less effective than a submachine gun or a shotgun, but for players using long range weapons, such as rifles, it can be a good alternative to using Overkill.

Unlocked at level 65, the M2 is a potent close-quarters weapon. A player with a flamethrower will have a different appearance than what their primary weapon would provide, as well as a large fuel tank on their back. It does not do continuous damage, contrary to what one would expect from a flamethrower. It does 50 damage to the target every 0.2 seconds (it will do damage the first time it hits and is incapable of damaging the same target again for 0.2 seconds), requiring two hits to kill, five if the target is using the Fireproof perk. It can be used to clear rooms or tunnels. This weapon never runs out of fuel, it only overheats. The weapon cannot fire while it is cooling off and flashing yellow. It is very useful on smaller or maps with a lot of enclosed areas. However, a major downside is it creates lots of smoke and flame, effectively blocking vision. Taking out the Flamethrower will cause the player to move at the same speed as a sub machine gun or shotgun user.

This can be very useful for a sniper, as they may sometimes need a close quarters weapon and will not want to lose their second perk such as stopping power in order to use overkill.

On the Nintendo DS version the flamethrower is found in a supply drop on Mission 2, but instead comes with 999 seconds of fire. Unlike the console versions, where one burst will take down a troop, in the DS version enemies take time to die, and they can still shoot as well. This makes the flamethrower a horrible main weapon. It is also not avalible on DS Wi-Fi play.


  • Via a glitch on the Wii version players can transfer this perk with any tier 2 and tier 3 perk to a different profile.
  • You can get the Trophy/Achievement "Firestarter" if you only use the flamethrower as a main weapon through any mission. Grenades and knives do not count. If you fire even one bullet, you will not get the achievement.
  • Strangely enough if an enemy is hit in the head with a flamethrower in single player, they will not burn to death as normal, but instead simply fall over. This might be because it is being registered as a head shot.
  • On Nacht Der Untoten, if you fire at a Zombie, at around round 10, one short flame will kill them in 5 seconds.
  • The flamethrower will remove the ghillie suit/leaves from players equipped with bolt action rifles.
  • The Flamethrower is the first gun that is a perk excluding the M9A1 Bazooka (World at War) and RPG-7 (Modern Warfare)
  • It is possible to aim down the sights with this weapon, the result being elimination of the circular cross hair, and slower movement speed.
  • Numerous types of vegetation can be burned with this weapon.
  • This weapon can be found whilst in "Nazi Zombies" in the random mystery box.
  • In Nacht der Untoten, the M2 Flamethrower is one of the rarest weapons to receive from the mystery box, but does not kill zombies in one burst as the player progresses throughout the levels.
  • In the Iphone version of Nacht der Untoten, the M2 Flamethrower can be obtained from the sniper cabinet for 2000 points
  • In reality the M2 flamethrower can run out of fuel in 10 seconds. Instead it overheats in 4 seconds in single player and 3 seconds in multiplayer. Also, when the fuel tank in the back is shot it explodes, which is very unrealistic. This never happens when the player gets hit in Call of Duty: World at War, more like real life.
  • In Nazi Zombies, the fuel tank does not appear on the player.
  • The flamethrower in reality during WWII was used by all Allied or Axis factions, however, they had different flamethrower designs.
  • Due to the graphical limitations of the Wii, the tube connecting the flamethrower to its fuel tanks will sometimes be disconnected from the tanks.
  • In the zombie map Shi No Numa, the weight of the flamethrower has been increased so players run slower with it.
  • It is curious that the flamethrower still causes damage to any Hellhounds encountered in Shi No Numa, considering that many of them are already on fire.
  • On Der Riese you can upgrade the flamethrower with the Pack-a-Punch machine, making it more mobile, reducing its cool-down time, and increasing the time it can fire without overheating.
  • When upgraded, the flames stay the same color. The Flamethrower is the only weapon that does this. However, the tube that connects the tank to the weapon will glow blue (easy to see when aiming down-sight)
  • Double Tap affects the flamethrower in Nazi Zombies, making it overheat faster yet doing slightly more damage.
  • In WaW (DS), the flamethrower is only available in the mission Into The Jungle. Unlike other special weapons in the game (Panzerschreck, sniper rifles), it can not be found lying around in multiplayer maps.
  • In the PC edition of WaW, in the mission Vendetta, if you use the cheat give_all, you can get it, but it makes no noise
  • In reality, the M2 flamethrower was 70 Lbs and only had 60 gallons of gasoline, which made it a very unpractical weapon unless you were clearing a bunker

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