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Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

The M240 is first seen used by Makarov's terrorists in the airport inNo Russian. The purpose for using Western firearms is to divert suspicion from the Ultranationalists and to a western perpetrator, but strangely, it is seen being used by Ultranationalists in other missions as well. Juggernauts will always use this weapon in Special Ops. In addition, the empty shell casings are ejected from the bottom of the weapon, not from the side, which is where the disintegrating links are ejected. The weapon is primarily used in a fixed position through a tripod, bipod, or swivel mount as seen on HMMWV's (Humvees).

The M240 has mild recoil for a medium machine gun, but enough to throw off aim at middle to long distances. Because of this, aGrip is recommended. Otherwise, the weapon is somewhat unremarkable, with a slightly obstructive yet open iron sight, decent but not obscene reload time and decent but not overpowered damage and rate of fire. The belt size is on the larger side. Scavenger is recommended as the weapon expends ammunition quickly.The M240 has the fourth highest damage of all LMG's mainly due to its extremely high rate of fire and average damage.

The M240 excels in Hardcore, where it delivers one-hit kills at a very high rate of fire with decent recoil.


  • On Infinity Ward's website the M240 was voted the favorite light machine gun in Modern Warfare 2.
  • Some players have asked why the M240 and its "younger brother", the M249 SAW, look very different. They don't actually, except for a few aesthetic differences. As mentioned above, the M249 is held against the shoulder, and the M240 is literally fired from the hip, thus giving a different angle. The M240 also uses a 7.62mm round wile the SAW uses a 5.56mm round. The M240 is also 8 inches longer than the M249, and possesses a bulkier receiver and different stock design than the M249.
  • While using the Heartbeat Sensor, the player closes the Heartbeat Sensor while reloading. This also applies to the RPD.
  • Like the MG4, the M240 has a higher rate of fire in multiplayer then it does in single player.
  • The M240 makes two very distinctive third-person noises depending on the distance of the gun from the player. The more common of these noises is the same distinctive sound of the M249 SAW.
  • The M240 has the same reloading action as the Russian RPD, though a bit sped up, as it reloads about 2 seconds faster than the RPD.

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