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Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

n single-player, the M249 SAW is used by the Special Air Service and the United States Marine Corps. The weapon is available inCharlie Don't SurfThe BogWar PigHeatSins of the Father and Ultimatum. The M249 SAW is the preferred weapon of SSgt.Griggs.

In multiplayer, the M249 SAW has a relatively high rate of fire compared to the RPD and M60E4 but is offset by low damage. ARed Dot SightGrip, or an ACOG Scope can be attached to the M249 SAW.

It excels in hardcore mode, where it delivers one-hit kills (but note that because the SAW does exactly 30 damage, the same amount of health as is in Hardcore, anyone using Juggernaut will take two hits to kill, and if the bullet even touches another surface before hitting the target it will not be a kill). Using the SAW with Double Tap brings the rate of fire to 1200rpm (only theP90 and Mini-Uzi are also capable of 1200rpm in this fashion). The Grip attachment for the SAW greatly increases its hipfire accuracy (in addition to decreasing its recoil), making it as accurate as a submachine gun when firing from the hip. This is actually a greater increase than Steady Aim would provide. If the Grip is used in conjunction with Steady Aim, the SAW remains fairly accurate from the hip even at long ranges.

Also, the SAW, like the other two light machine guns, is very effective against enemy helicopters. However, due to its lower damage per bullet, it will take slightly over one belt of ammunition to shoot down a helicopter with full health without Stopping Power.

A favored multiplayer tactic is to use a Grip or an ACOG ScopeSteady Aim, and Double Tap with the gun. Its incredibly high rate of fire combined with superb accuracy is more than adequate in most situations.

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