Call Of Duty : Black Ops

An M60 variant is mounted on an airplane and appears as an LMG inCall of Duty: Black Ops. The mounted variant is used to defend an airplane as it is taxiing down a runway under fire in Operation 40. It is one of the starting weapons in S.O.G. A version with Extended Magscan also be picked up in the level.

The M60 is unlocked at level 21 in multiplayer. It is the only LMG that features damage drop-off, while other LMGs keep the same damage at all ranges. It is almost identical to the M60E4 in Call of Duty 4 with mostly cosmetic differences. Although it deals high damage, in close ranges the low fire rate can let the player down against other guns with a high fire rate. However, at medium to long ranges, when equipped with a grip, the gun can deal huge amounts of damage where other guns such as SMGs would have to fire in bursts. Thus, this is an excellent weapon when firing behind cover, such as out of windows on maps such as Nuketown. Due to the gun's large magazine, it is also doesn't have to worry about reloading. This is useful, as it frees up the Tier 2 perk slot that would be normally taken up by Sleight of Hand. Combined with the Hardened perk, the gun can pull incredible amounts of bullet penetration.

Like all LMGs, the gun suffers poor ADS times and bad hipfire accuracy. However, either of these problems can be resolved withSleight of Hand Pro and Steady Aim, respectively.

Overall, the M60 is a solid competitor for medium to long range combat, but as many Tier 2 perks can greatly benefit the gun's performance in separate areas, it is up to the player's discretion as to which is best.

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