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Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

 It is available briefly in Singleplayer at the end of the level Game Over. The only enemy found carrying it jumps out of the passenger's door of the first truck carrying troops to arrive to you, when the bridge is destroyed. (This truck will hit the brakes, ram a car, then reverse). He usually ends up running to a destroyed green car at the far left hand side of the bridge. Also one of Zakhaev's bodyguards is armed with one but this is unattainable. In Multiplayer the M60 fires slower than this one, probably for balance reasons.

In Multiplayer, the M60E4 is unlocked at level 19. It can be modified with the Red Dot SightGrip and ACOG Scope. The M60E4 is the most powerful machine gun in multiplayer, giving one of the highest damage outputs per second in the game, but has very high recoil and a low rate of fire compared to the M249 SAW or RPD. Make note though that the RPD kills in the same number of bullets in many situations (except that the M60E4 can get a two shot kill without Stopping Power, though not at long range). It is often used with the Double Tap or Stopping Power perks, with Stopping Power being more effective at long range and Double Tap being more effective at medium and close range, and with the 100-round mag the gun possesses.

The M60E4 with the grip attachment is less popular because of the large, obstructive iron sights, however, it does significantly reduce the high recoil of the gun.

When using the M60E4 with an ACOG scope, crouching or going prone causes the sway to be reduced by a fourth, making the M60E4 one of the better weapons to use with an ACOG. Because of that, the M60 with ACOG was often used in lieu of a sniper rifle in multiplayer.

Like all the light machine guns in the game, it has a large belt capacity of 100 rounds but also suffers from a slow reload time of nearly 10 seconds, and slow speed when switching to it. Thanks to its high damage per round, some players couple an M60 class with Sleight of Hand, in order to cut down on reload time.

The M60E4 is also one of the weapons that has a Golden skin.

If you play Hardcore and add Stopping Power and no matter where it hits it will kill in one hit. Deep Impact may also help going through cover.

A powerful but "noobish" tactic is to use this with Juggernaut and Steady Aim, which can make a player nearly unstoppable doing high damage while taking less.

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