Call Of Duty : Black Ops 

In single player, the LAW is used to destroy three tanks during the mission S.O.G. It cannot lock onto the tanks.

The M72 LAW is the only launcher available when Create-A-Class is unlocked. It is capable of both free fire and vehicle lock-on, and apart from the amount of rockets available and a few minor aesthetics such as the prepping animation and the reload time, it is exactly the same as the other launchers. When used in conjunction with Scavenger Pro, it can be more versatile than the Strela-3 or the RPG-7, as it is capable of both free-fire and lock-on fire, and will have two rockets, making it capable of destroying most vehicles, even the ones which are able to dodge rockets or deploy flares. However, like all other launchers, Scavenger will not replenish ammunition.

Contrary to popular belief, the M72 does not have smaller blast radius or lower damage then the RPG. Similar to the RPG, It does 160-70 damage with a 5.4M blast radius. It drops about 16.5 damage per every meter meaning the lethal blast radius is about 3.5M as the damage would have dropped to 102.

Its primary limitations are its low ammunition and the rather long "switch-to" time, as the player must go through a "prepping" animation similar to that of the AT4 found in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 .

It is available in the Mystery Box and comes with 21 rockets. It is not very useful though, as it creates crawlers and it has a very slow reload. The player should replace with weapon as soon as possible. When upgraded, it becomes the M72 Anarchy, featuring a 10 round capacity and firing semi automatically. The M72 Anarchy is much more effective than the un-upgraded version but it still should be passed over for better weapons. You will no longer automatically aim down the sights when firing the upgraded version, thus allowing a faster rate of fire. 

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