Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

In single player, the M93 is only found in The Gulag, in the armory before you look through the cells for Prisoner 627. In multiplayer it is unlocked at level 38.

The M93 Raffica is classed as a machine pistol, but it is similar to a handgun in most respects (excluding its burst fire). It is very accurate with a high fire rate and one burst without Stopping Power is enough to take down a nearby enemy; due to its low range, Stopping Power is necessary for a one-burst kill at mid-long range.

Its ADS accuracy over multiple rounds is better than its semi-automatic cousin, the M9, but its hipfire accuracy is worse. The Raffica also has no Tactical Knife attachment unlockable.

As the M93 Raffica is available to use in Last Stand it is a favoured choice for players using the tier 3 perk and even more so because the player continues to play with any attachments they have unlocked for the weapon such as akimbo. It is also a popular choice to have as a secondary weapon when using a sniper class. The M93 is a popular sidearm in Hardcore gamemodes because of its ability to drop a target in one burst (or less) at any range and many players find it easy to engage moving targets with it.

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