Call Of Duty : Black Ops

The MAC11 is available at Level 11 in multiplayer, and like all primary weapons, costs 2000 CODPoints. The weapon has a 20-round magazine, and due to its high fire rate, it is emptied very easily. This is compensated for by the weapon having very low side-to-side and upwards recoil, along with decent damage and the shortest reload time out of all the SMGs if not using reload cancel. It is similar to theTMP from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The low magazine size can be negated by purchasing the Extended Mag attachment, which gives the weapon a 30-round magazine. Despite its decent stats, the MAC11 is generally overlooked by players due to the more powerful or popular submachine guns in the game, such as the AK74u and Spectre.

The MAC11 is one of Mason's starting weapons on board the Rusalka, with multiple attachments. Enemies will occasionally drop MAC11s with a red dot sight or extended mags. There is also a MAC11 with dual wield found near the helipad. 

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