Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

Of all the LMGs, the MG4 has the lowest damage per second, the longest reload and the least recoil. Because of this, it is one of the least used LMGs in Multiplayer. It is, however, a very effective weapon. It is the only LMG that is effective full auto even without the Grip. When used with the a Grip, it is essentially a LMG version of the ACR, but with no damage loss over range and the slower handling of an LMG like lower movement speed and longer time to aim down the sights. Even with the ACOG, this weapon can be fired full auto with minimal loss of accuracy, though the shooter must follow the target while holding down the trigger due to the low damage per second. The qualities make the MG4 a poor weapon at short and medium range as it will be overpowered by any other weapon with higher damage per second. It excels at longer range battles, where accuracy trumps power.

Unfortunately, the MG4's iron sights are off, as rear sight is lowered compared to front sight. Bullets will land at top of thicker part of the sight. This problem is easily solved through the use of any optic besides the iron sights. Most players consider Bling with Grip and Red Dot SightHolographic Sight or ACOG the best setup.

Switching classes using One Man Army pro is actually faster than reloading the MG4 without Sleight of Hand with the added benefit of replenishing ammo and equipment.


  • The MG4 makes a very similar noise to the M60 with double tap from Call of Duty 4.
  • In multiplayer, if equipped with FMJ, it appears as a MG4 with Explosive Rounds on the HUD and pick-up logo. Interestingly enough, it doesn't seem to change anything other than the appearance.
  • The MG4 replaced the M249 as a way of modernizing the arsenal of the game. It looks almost exactly like the SAW.
  • The MG4 also has nearly the same sights as the M240.
  • The MG4 is the only LMG in Modern Warfare 2 that uses a cloth box magazine rather than a metal one.

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