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Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

In single player, the Mini-Uzi is encountered in Russia, used frequently by Russian Ultranationalists. It can be found in Crew ExpendableBlackoutHuntedSafehouseOne Shot, One KillThe Sins of the FatherUltimatumNo Fighting In The War Room, and Mile High Club. It is also the favored weapon of Victor Zakhaev.

In multiplayer, the Mini-Uzi is unlocked at Level 13. It can be modified with a Red Dot Sightsuppressor or an ACOG Scope. It has a high rate of fire, but lacks stopping power and range. High recoil and an exceptionally large muzzle flash make it difficult to use in mid-range combat, but it is extremely effective in close quarters combat. A gold skin for this weapon is unlocked once every submachine gun challenge has been completed. It is recommended to turn off the rumble feature on the wii remote for the wii version as this significantly decreases recoil.

The Mini-Uzi can best be compared to the P90. The P90 has less recoil, a larger magazine, and a slightly lower rate of fire (the Mini-Uzi fires 15.86 bullets per second, while the P90 fires 15.38 bullets per second). However, the fact that the Uzi shares ammo with the MP5 and M9 means ammo will be less scarce than with the P90. The Mini-Uzi also boasts a faster reload speed, making up for the smaller capacity (32 vs 50). All things considered however, most players consider the P90 superior. Against the P90, the Uzi is regarded as an inferior weapon although the Uzi`s high vertical recoil often leads to frequent headshot kills.

As with the MP5, equipping an M9 as a sidearm will give the player the combined ammunition for both guns, as both are chambered for the 9mm Parabellum.   

Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

The Mini-Uzi returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In Modern Warfare 2, the Mini-Uzi is a much better weapon than its Call Of Duty 4 counterpart since it has much more controlled recoil thanks to its extended stock. It is unlocked at Level 44 in multiplayer mode.

This weapon is now also a much more competitive alternative to the P90, boasting higher accuracy, and keeping its slightly higher rate of fire, but with a smaller magazine size. The iron sights on this weapon are also quite clear and open, making attachments like the Suppressor a viable option.

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