Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

The Model 1887 is used by the Ultranationalists and the Militia in Takedown. It can also be found in the Museum. It is unlocked at level 67 in multiplayer. Although the wooden stock of the weapon has been sawn off, The Model 1887 has excellent accuracy. With Stopping Power and Steady Aim, its range of lethality is increased even further, making it deadly at even mid-range. Because of this, it is probably the most effective shotgun in multiplayer. This killing power is off-set by its slow rate of fire and reload time. Each shell is loaded individually, so reload time varies based on how empty the weapon is. Between each shot, the weapon must be cocked, making it one of the slower firing weapons in the game.

One of the fixes of Patch 1.07 was to severely reduce the range of Akimbo 1887s, as many players in the online community complained that having the Akimbo attachment on, coupled with the fact the gun could one hit kill at far greater ranges than any other shotgun, made getting kills with it far too easy. When used without Akimbo its range is still the same as it was before Patch 1.07. When used with Akimbo, the range is about the same as that of the Ranger (shotgun).

Following Patch 1.07, the community discovered that using the Bling perk they could make Akimbo Model 1887s function the same as they did prior to Patch 1.07 by using the Akimbo and FMJ attachments. In a recent blog and twitter post, Robert Bowling announced a patch that addressed numerous things. One of the points the patch addresses is the FMJ/Akimbo combo with the Model 1887s which will make the damage and range of the FMJ/Akimbo combination the same as the Non-Bling Model 1887 Akimbo. This patch is live for the PC version and in testing for the console versions.

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