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Call Of Duty 5 : World At War

The Mosin-Nagant is usually found in the earlier Soviet Red Army campaign, but is usually abandoned among players for automatic and semi automatic weapons, though this is entirely dependent upon choice. The Gewehr 43SVT-40STG-44MP40, and the PPSh-41 all outclass the Mosin-Nagant in rate of fire. For the most part, the MP40 and PPSh-41 dominate the majority of the Soviet Red Army campaign as most combat is close-quarters, and a bolt action rifle is a terrible choice for such combat. Sgt.Reznov was known to use a scoped Mosin-Nagant while attempting to assassinate General Heinrich Amsel. Reznov gives the Mosin-Nagant to Pvt. Petrenko and uses a PPSh-41 onwards due to his finger being damaged in combat. His class changes from Sniper to Submachine Gunner Pvt. Chernov and other troops mainly use the Mosin-Nagant, until later missions where the SVT-40appears, though Pvt. Chernov still uses the Mosin-Nagant.

The Mosin-Nagant is unlocked at level 21. It has a slower rotating bolt mechanism than other bolt actions, tied with the Arisaka for lowest ROF, but lacks the Arisaka's stance scope sway reduction, however, the Mosin-Nagant's scope view moves less than the Arisaka while cycling the bolt. Unscoped, the iron sight consists of a ring around a metal pin prick (quite similar to the Kar98k's principle but much smaller.), much easier to use than the Springfield's and the Arisaka's. You kill an enemy with one shot if you aim at the chest and above. However, like the Dragunov in Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareStopping Power has no effect on the console and scoped version of this gun, as it lacks any 1.1x hitbox multipliers.

The dynamic for the whole weapon changes when the player unlocks the Sniper Scope attachment; damage is increased and visibility over range is increased, as well as an increased reload time and a separate aiming mechanism. It is the second best bolt action rifle, not counting the PTRS, succeeded by the Kar98K.


  • In Vendetta, the scope's reticule (the same reticule from Call of Duty 2) is different from the one in multiplayer.
  • Due to the Soviets having a large country, and millions of soldiers, the Mosin-Nagant was the most manufactured weapon of World War II with over 37 million produced.
  • Interestingly enough, the bolt featured on the Call of Duty: World at War Mosin-Nagant model is not shaped like any bolt that was ever in circulation. The standard straight bolt would be used for non-scoped models, whilst any PU scope mounted Mosin-Nagant rifles would have a bent bolt shaped much like the bolt of the Kar98k. Also, the bolt is not rotated the full ninety degrees, but rather about 60, meaning the handle goes through the receiver.
  • The clattering sound of the bolt of this rifle opening and shutting is different in the different console versions. On the Xbox it  sounds like it's a plastic bolt, while on the Wii version, it sounds more realistic.
  • This bolt-action is the most different from all others due to its different bolt mechanism, and it's the only rifle using a spike bayonet.
  • If examined carefully you can see that the Mosin-Nagant with rifle grenade has the same reload action as the RPG-7 from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
  • When Reznov hands you the sniper rifle in Vendetta, the third-person model can be seen with a straight bolt. When you have it in your hands, however, it has a curved bolt.
  • When the player uses the bolt in World at War, the hatch does not open but the shell casing comes out. The bolt only opens when you reload.
  • In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on the level Safehouse, the Mi-28n that you can call periodically is called "Mosin 2-8".
  • Even in close quarters, Chernov seems to be an excellent user with this gun.
  • Although the damage charts for the Mosin-Nagant says that it is the largest of the bolt-actions, the damage rates are the same as other weapons.
  • In Call of Duty 2 the cycling of the bolt is more realistic then in COD1 and WAW because the player lowers it slightly to cycle the bolt, that is because it has a very tough and stiff bolt, in WAW and COD original the player doesn't do that.

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