Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 

It is seen used by the Brazilian Militia in "Takedown", during "Exodus" by fellow Ranger teammates, by various enemies such as the ultranationalists and shadow force in conjunction with a riot shield, and is extensively used with silencers byTask Force 141. The version shown is externally modified with Picatinny rails to mount attachments more easily. The barrel length on the MP5K is closer to a later version, the MP5K-PDW, which has a slightly longer barrel in order to improve accuracy back to full-size MP5 levels. However, that variant also came with a folding stock.

The high damage and firing rate make the MP5K one of the best fully automatic weapons for close range. However, at long range the MP5K is too inaccurate to be used effectively. For this reason, the MP5K is not the most practical primary weapon due to the typically large sizes of maps in Modern Warfare 2 and the average range of engagement with enemies. However, if the user can remain in the tighter portions of the map, the MP5K can devastate even groups of enemies.

In terms of attachments, Rapid Fire makes the gun much harder to use at mid-long range, but increases it's effectiveness at close range. Akimbo is relatively ineffective with this weapon as iron sights are necessary to use the MP5K at anything other than extremely close range. Scavenger is encouraged due to the fast firing rate of the weapon, as without it ammunition will run out fairly quickly. The Red Dot and Holographic sights are of questionable use as the iron sights are simple and easy to use. Thermal and ACOG scopes are very rarely seen as they are much better suited to longer ranged weapons such as assault rifles. Extended Magazines are rarely useful as reloading is fairly quick.

Call Of Duty : Black Ops 

The MP5K appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops as a prototype variant. It is equipped with a unique foregrip.

It has considerably less recoil and side to side rocking than itsModern Warfare 2's counterpart. It is unlocked at level 1, as it is part of the SMG default class.


  • Red Dot Sight
  • Suppressor
  • Reflex
  • ACOG Sight
  • Rapid Fire
  • Extended Magazines

The MP5K is featured in both zombie maps, and is available off the walls for 1000 points, with ammo costing an additional 500 points. It is also available from the Mystery Box for 950 points, When Pack-a-Punched, the MP5K has increased damage and features a larger magazine, ammo can also be bought from the wall for 4500 points. The MP5K's name is changed to the "MP115 Kollider," which is a reference to Element 115. 


  • In reality, the Russian police wouldn't use MP5Ks, as they are NATO weapons built in Germany. A more realistic choice would have been the PP2000, which is used by some Russian soldiers in other campaign missions.
  • In single player, the MP5K does not have a fore-grip, however in multiplayer, there is a foregrip.
  • In multiplayer, a silenced MP5k is titled "MP5k Silenced", however, in Campaign, it is called the MP5KSD.
  • Most MP5K models feature a PDW style folding stock; though this option is not available in game.
  • In the multiplayer icon of the weapon, it is the older SEF version, however, in the game it is the newer fire selection version.
  • The MP5K is seen a lot less in Modern Warfare 2 than in its predecessor.
  • Many players were disappointed with this new gun replacing the old, and very popular MP5 from Modern Warfare, as they are similair in damage, yet MP5k has more recoil.
  • A strap with blue tape can be seen on the end of the MP5K. This is most noticeable while using the Akimbo attachment

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