Call Of Duty : Black Ops

It is available for purchase at Level 35. It has moderate damage, a medium-low recoil, and a fast reload along with a high rate of fire.

The Grip attachment makes the weapon more effective at mid-long range, however such combat is perhaps best avoided anyway, due to the MPL's SMG nature. 

The MPL is available in both Zombie Maps for 1000 points off the wall. It is an effective weapon for the early rounds, but as rounds progress and zombie numbers increase its small magazine and low carrying capacity often becomes a problem. The MPL has a 24-round magazine in zombies. In early rounds (4-8), it is a good choice because of its low damage per bullet, which can result in many points being earned quickly. In the early rounds, it can be a semi-effective window guarding weapon, as simply spraying across the zombies that are trying to break in will no doubt shred them with little effort.

When upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch machine, it becomes the MPL-LF. It gains a 40-round magazine, a Red Dot Sight with a random reticule, and more damage

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