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Call Of Duty 5 : World At War 

The Nambu goes mainly unseen and unused. One is given to Pvt. Miller by Sgt. Sullivan after he is rescued from the Japanese camp, but subsequently it is rarely seen unless a Japanese soldier goes into Last Stand mode. Its appearance in single player is usually due to Japanese soldiers pulling it out on Second Chance. It is also noted for its thin design much like the Luger P08, but the vague similarities are very minor. Mechanically the Luger and Nambu are very different pistols. The Nambu is unlocked very early on in multiplayer. It is just as powerful as the M1911Tokarev TT-33 and Walther P38, although many players think otherwise. It has low recoil, fast reloads, and what are generally considered good sights. It has a capacity of 8 cartridges, just like all of the other sidearms, except for the .357 Magnum that has a capacity of 6 cartridges.

Technically, this sidearm is very underrated, as it does just as much damage as the M1911Tokarev TT-33 and Walther P38.


  • From Call of Duty 3 onward, the Luger was replaced in-game by the Walther P38, much to the dismay of Luger fans. The Nambu has found its place with those who enjoy using the Luger, as they are somewhat similar in appearance.
  • The Nambu is the first weapon you can actually use in Call of Duty: World at War's singleplayer.
  • It cannot share ammo with the Type 100 ingame, even though they use the same ammunition in real life.
  • The Nambu, along with the Springfield, have what are considered to be the worst, and most confusing, iron sights in World at War.
  • On the Wii version, the Nambu has exactly the same firing sound as the .357 Magnum. This goes the same for the Colt M1911, the Walther P38 and the Tokarev TT-33. It could be due to shortage of space.
  • This pistol, along with all other pistols in the Call Of Duty games, are unusually held. Since you can only see the player's hand, it should be held right next to your face, rather than your arms reaching forward with the gun, as seen on multiplayer.
  • In Call of Duty World at War (DS), the Nambu is the only weapon that has a difference in speed when reloading mid-magazine.
  • In the Multiplayer map Banzai, you can find a Nambu pistol inside one of the huts, that you cannot pick up.

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