Band Of Brilliance

The level begins with the player as Joseph Allen under the name Alexei Borodin in an airport elevator with Makarov and three other gunmen. Makarov tells everyone not to speak in Russian, so they instead speak English for the duration of the level. When the elevator opens, they slowly walk out into an airport security checkpoint where all of the gunmen open fire on the civilians, although the player can abstain. The players movement speed is restricted to a casual walk through the airport. This movement speed restriction is removed once the player exits the airport to fight the swat team. For the first half of the level, the player utilizes the M240 and the M4A1 to cause as much destruction as possible. The only threat in this part of the level are the police officers, though the terrorists will kill them easily regardless of any action on the part of the player. Halfway through the level, the Russian FSB swat team arrive on the tarmac, in armored swat trucks. The M203 and grenades can make short work of any Riot Shield users. Flanking them is also an effective tactic, as they will often focus on the other gunmen. Makarov leads Allen to the getaway vehicle, an ambulance, but shoots him and leaves him to die there. The combination of American weapons and equipment, English-speaking shooters who use military jargon, and the body of an American soldier makes the attack appear to have been carried out by the U.S. Military, setting the scene for the eventual Russian invasion of America, just as Makarov intended.

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