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O Cristo Redentor is a Special Ops level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It is based on the level Takedownand the objective is to kill all enemies without harming civilians.

The Infinity Ward best time for this level is 1 minute 16.2 seconds The player, or players, starts off the beginning part of the story mode level Takedown that's not too big. The player's objective is to attack and defend against the numerous militia in the village and also keep civilian casualties to a minimum, so they must watch their fire. The amount of enemies they face depends on the level's difficulty: on Normal, they need to kill 30 enemies and can only kill up to 6 civilians. On Hardened, they will have to kill 40 hostiles (including dogs) but can only kill up to 4 civilians. In Veteran, they'll have to kill 50 enemies (again including dogs) but the player can only kill 3 civilians. If a player is damaged too much in co-op, they will be put into Last Stand.

There are several care packages containing ammo distributed throughout the level, so if the player runs low on ammo and doesn't want to scavenge for a new gun, these packages can be useful.


  • The player only needs to score a certain amount of kills, instead of clearing the whole Favela. This mean that the player can stick in the starting area, killing off the enemies rushing him. Then when no more enemies are spawning near him, the player can advance a little.
  • At the beginning of the level there are two AA-12s with Red Dots and Heartbeat Sensors. Also between the houses on the left there is an Akimbo Mini Uzi. these weapons can be good for taking out dogs and fighting in Close Quarters.
  • If you do decide to run around the favela it's a good idea to return to the starting point when the dogs come.

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