Band Of Brilliance

In this level the player controls Private James Ramirez, starting in a bunker underneath the National Mall. In this bunker, there are several weapons that can be picked up before walking outside, including a scoped M14 EBR, an M16A4w/ Red Dot Sight, a Desert Eagle, and an AT4. As you come out, you see the damaged Washington Monument as the war rages into the capital city of Washington D.C. Additional weapons are laid against the wall just before the street. From here, Foley is able to get fire support from a passing LAV.

Sgt. Foley leads the player's team in a fight through the Department of Commerce (Herbert C. Hoover Building) where a SAM site must (though this is not an objective) be disabled on a balcony before coming to the southwest corner of the fifth floor. The player provides fire support with a M82 with a Thermal Scope against Russians armed withJavelins. Once this is completed, the player defends the position from "foot mobiles" coming into the building; useClaymores to cover both entrances, which you can lay before clearing the crows nest. Lastly, the player should pick up the Javelin and take out as many enemy vehicles as possible, buying the Washington Monument evac site valuable time to extract the wounded; however, one (or more) Mi-28(s) will take notice and attack the player's position. These can be shot down with Javelins or your assault rifle.

Overlord then informs the player to evacuate to the roof as they are in danger of being overrun by Russian forces. The player then links with the Navy SEALs on the roof to climb aboard a Black Hawk and mount a minigun loaded with HE (high-explosive) rounds to neutralize more Russian infantry and vehicles at the World War II Memorial. Russian forces overrun the area and Overlord orders all U.S. forces to evacuate the city. The chopper then takes a hit from enemy fire from Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building. Sgt. Foley tells the pilot to bring it up and take out any SAM sites, should they go down. The player's chopper takes another hit and crashes.

The player, Sgt. Foley, and Cpl. Dunn survive and are now making their last stand. Pvt. Wade hands the player an M4A1 with one full magazine, but gets shot in the head in the process. From where the player is trapped, they must fend off as many Russian infantry as possible with the remaining ammo. After using up the last magazine Sgt. Foley gives the player, a Havoc's searchlight light shines on the player, whiting out the screen.


Intel No 28 (1/2 Intel) Just inside the building, at a short hallway, in an elevator with two dead soldiers (Facing West).

Intel No 29 (2/2 Intel) On the floor inside where an enemy was hiding behind a door and just before the Men restroom door. (near the SAM you plant C4 on.)

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