Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare 

Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 

Overgrown is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 (downloadable from the Stimulus Package.) It is a wide, open map with plenty of vegetation and cover spots. The map has three distinct sections: a farm located on the northern half of the map containing a large barn and two fields that provide cover and concealment. A curved street lined with buildings on the southern half of the map, and running horizontally through the middle of the map is a river bed with two bridges on the east and western sides of the map crossing over it. Just north of the river bed in the middle of the map is a two-story farm house (with a mounted M249 on the second floor, or a minigun inModern Warfare 2) that is accessible from the all the sections of the map. 

  • When on Team Deathmatch, if an enemy helicopter is called out to the match the player can use the mounted M249 SAWs in the houses to take it down. Many players have used this method and have taken down the helicopter in seconds.
  • When sniping, if the player spawns by the building with open windows, go around the back towards the ravine. There is a small box that the player can snipe behind which gives a good view of the other team's spawn.
  • The player can plant C4 on the helicopter when it hovers about seven feet above the wheat field.
  • At "Grandma's House", watch out for C4 at the doors and staircase. Also, if sniping from it, don't stay for long. Players will often check the building for snipers and there is a ladder which is often overlooked at the side facing the barn.
  • Any airstrikes work best in the riverbed, when the enemy moves across it becoming sitting ducks.


  • Snipers will often camp in the grass, so watch for any movement. Thermal scopes can show uncloaked ones, while the Cold-Blooded ones will be a bit more challenging to root out.
  • The dry riverbed at the middle of the map is a great place to snipe the buildings on it, especially the ruined building near the wooden bridge.
  • There is a way to jump on the ledges in the dry riverbed and go directly into the ruined building, this is good for surprising snipers.
  • At the start of Team Deathmatch use a sniper at the end of either bridge and pick off anyone who tries to cross the other bridge. Be careful, once a kill is achieved, move. Enemy snipers may be trying something similar.
  • Snipers can use the Spetnaz spawn point's house as cover to snipe across the bridge. This is especially useful while trying to hold the bridge area.
  • At the large house near TF141's spawn, a player can climb up onto the normally inaccessible part of the second floor. By climbing onto the center most protrusion of the destroyed wall and jumping to the remnants of the second floor a player would have a superior sniping spot, being able to see over the hay field. The lethality of the sniper can be increased by using a Tactical Insertion to consistently spawn on the second floor.
  • This, along with Wasteland, is considered the map with most diversity. As it is long range, along with the abundant vegetation, snipers can hide in bushes or long grass and pick off exposed enemy players. There is also a large chance of having CQB in the cramped houses and barns.


  • When playing any team type match on Overgrown, it is depicted between the S.A.S and Spetsnaz with Gazgiving voiceovers for the S.A.S team, yet on the mission this map is based on the skins for the S.A.S team are actually of the U.S Soldiers, only with the British flag replacing the American one
  • In one of the inaccessible buildings on the south side of the map, the words "ALEXANDER ROYCEWICZ 2007" are hidden on a wall. To see it, one must turn brightness settings as high as possible and enter the building as a spectator.
  • If the player manages to get on top of the bridge above Flag A in Domination, sprint jump onto a board sticking out of the building with the side blown out. While up there, the player can walk up and down the wall and might just surprise the people on the top floor.
  • In the Wii version of the game, the map has a lot less foliage than it does in the 360/PS3/PC versions due to the Wii's graphical limitations.
  • Two visible changes in the map are the replacement of the mounted M249 SAW with the mini-gun and the teddy bears have been updated to the new ones.
  • The map has the highest possibility to be picked for a free-for-all match of any map.
  • Some of the houses, specifically the blown out one by A and the house by C with the mini-gun, were taken from the Call of Duty 4 level "Safehouse" with minor changes, such as addition of doors, or in the case of the house by Flag A, the side is blown out.
  • It is worth noting that a staircase in one of the houses can be crawled under. This spot is very good as it is in a high combat area plus enemies will not know the player's position unless they watch killcam. An AA-12 shotgun is most useful in this area because enemies will pass through the area quickly, but any shotgun will work if the player is quicker than the enemy. Beware that if camping here for more than one life, enemies will look under the staircase first thing when entering the house. FMJ users will also go around back of the house and shoot through the wall. Also FMJ users have the advantage under the stairs too, as the player will mostly be shooting through the wooden stairs to hit enemies, and once again with FMJ this is a very easy place to get extended mags for the same reason above.


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