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Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

The P90 returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2  with a few changes: decreased recoil, a slightly lower rate of fire, smaller iron sights, and slightly better weapon detail. The side rail mounts go completely unused, which may serve as evidence that the Heartbeat Sensor was originally going to be usable on SMGs. The P90 is an effective akimbo option. Its large magazines and fast fire rate make it a threat at close range, but ineffective at distances.

It is unlocked at level 24.

The high magazine capacity and moderate damage output at close range makes this an intermediate weapon between submachine guns and light machine guns, particularly with the extended magazine option attached (extended mags increases the magazine size to 75 rounds) making this a more mobilized option to hauling around an LMG for close range fire support and covering fire.


  • The in-game model uses a strange way of holding the weapon, resting the front of the weapon in the character's left palm instead of the normal way of putting the left thumb through the weapon's frontal thumb hole (assuming a right-handed shooter). The way portrayed ingame, however, can be used to accommodate for knifing as the left hand is used for melees. Putting your thumb inside the frontal thumb hole may cause the left hand to get stuck, and therefore slow a person down.
  • The P90 has a flashlight that is unused, and the magazine always looks full to the player, (much like the G36C) despite the actual ammunition levels.
  • Despite the sprinting glitch being patched on other consoles, the Wii version of Modern Warfare still doubles the sprint time of players.
  • It has been likened to the PPSh-41, as both guns have a large magazine capacity and devastatingly high rate of fire.
  • The animation of the P90 is inaccurate, as it shows the magazine being yanked out instead of taken out after pressing the magazine catch.
  • Unusually, the 5.7x28mm bullet is designed to pierce some models of body armor, but the in game P90 has low penetration. This is because the round is designed to tumble when it hits a target, this tumbling produces a larger wound from an otherwise relatively small round.
  • The P90 version depicted in Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 is the "TR" model with rails rather than an integrated sight, whereas Modern Warfare: Mobilized depicts the standard version, with the integrated scope.
  • In Modern Warfare 2, the side of the magazine on the P90 says "Made By Infinity CC".
  • Although many players complain that Akimbo P90's would be impossible in real life due to recoil, this is a misconception. The P90 is actually designed to have very low recoil, enabling a skilled user to easily wield the weapon with one hand.
  • The P90 is the first Bullpup weapon to be featured in any Call Of Duty Game.
  • In Exodus, when turning on your laser it will come out of the gun's barrel, rather than the laser on the side of the gun.

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