Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare 

Pipeline is a large multiplayer map in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Its design mainly centers around two side-to-side warehouses out in the middle of Russia and the immediate areas around it. It is an abandoned railyard with many hiding places. 

The map features a good variety of sniper positions throughout the level. Including on top of the roofs of the two main warehouses, and the green hill they both face. These positions (apart from the hill) can provide good cover from enemies who may spot the player. Almost all weapons are suited to this map, the only weapon type that struggles here are the shotguns, as they have a short range and the user will often have to neutralize targets at medium range. Then again, shotguns come in handy in the tunnels as the player will often come across enemies in close range. Try not to go straight down the middle of the map in between the two warehouses as the player face many threats such as a machine gun position and numerous other positions where the enemy can take the unfortunate player out with ease.

The level also has a rather elaborate network of tunnels beneath it. These tunnels can provide undetected movement from one location to another, however, they are used predominately during Search and Destroy,Headquarters and Sabotage. 


  • In the mission "One Shot, One Kill", the player can see this map in the distance, and on this map, the player can also see the building where the player snipes Imran Zakhaev.
  • In Call of Duty 2one of the early missions involves the player crawling through a pipe at the beginning of the level. When he/she crawls through completely, they end up in what appears to be Warehouse 2 of this map. It is almost identical, with the small passageway that runs under the whole level present in the Call of Duty 2version.
  • The warehouses on this map resemble those on the map Depot from Call of Duty.
  • The area under the loading dock opposite the pipe coming out of the tunnels is an excellent camping spot. If the player lays at the corner closest to the end train car, picking off enemies should be easy if a silenced gun or a sniper is equipped in Domination.
  • If the player is SAS, one can easily get a flawless game by camping at the far end of the map, near the spawn.
  • There are alternate ways to get on the roof of the big building with a 1 on it. The player can climb to the top of the small building north of it then jump, or get on the wall south of the big building and jump.


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