Call Of Duty : Black Ops

 The PM63 is used extensively by the Soviet Military in the campaign level Executive Order. The weapon is found specifically during the assault phase on the launch facility. It can be found with Extended Mags, Dual Wield, or with no attachments, but never with any camouflage pattern, unlike some of the AK-47s found on that level. In Numbers, a PM63 with Dual Wield  can be found in the first weapons cache, but no where else in the level. The PM63 also makes a brief appearance in the level, Crash Site, in the hands of the Soviet Spetznaz, who exclusively use it.

The PM63 can be purchased at level 29. The clan tag, when purchased and selected, is etched onto the left side of the gun, slightly left of the trigger. The emblem is placed on the back of the gun above the magazine, and it can be seen when aiming down the sight. When using the PM63 it is advisable to use the Extended Mags attachment as the regular magazine contains only 20 rounds. Using the Extended Mags attachment will increase the capacity to 30 rounds. Scavenger is also recommended as its high rate of fire uses up ammunition very quickly. The PM63's easily controllable recoil, good range, and open ironsights allow engagement at a variety of ranges, although it is still most effective in close-quarters.

The PM63 appears in Zombies mode and is available from the wall for 1000 points. Its high rate of fire and decent power make it good for the early rounds, however its small magazine and low ammo reserve are liabilities, even in the early rounds. When upgraded, it becomes the "Tokyo and Rose". The "Tokyo and Rose" is Dual Wielded, effectively doubling the magazine size. However, the player can no longer ADS with Dual Wielded Weapons.

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