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Race is a Special Ops level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It is based on the singleplayer mission Cliffhanger and the objective is to race to the finish while dodging dangerous obstacles.

Infinity Ward's best time is 1 minute and 5 seconds.

Based on the snowmobile chase that takes place at the end of Cliffhanger, the objective of the mission is to get to the finish while dodging obstacles. The player begins the mission on top of a mountain, and he has to speed up and dodge or kill Ultranationalists on snowmobiles, dodge trees, and try not to slip over the hills. The Ultranationalists can be taken out by the player's G18 easily, and they will chase the player all through the mission, until the jump at the end.


  • The player should try not to shoot as many of the Ultranationalists as the player can, as the more he shoots, the less time he has to complete the race, and they help to show the player the way down.
  • At the beginning of the level, after a medium-sized rock, a path opens up on the right side of the slope, in which the player can take a jump down over 2 approaching enemy snowmobiles. Then he can take a very large jump down to the end of the first area, and effectively reduce his time to about 20 seconds instead of approximately 35 seconds, when the player hits the split.
  • The player should cut down on how much he turns, to reduce time.
  • Don't bother to waste ammo on the foot soldiers after the split. The player can run them over with no loss of speed at all, however watch out for abandoned snowmobiles right after them.
  • The player should be cautious about landing the final jump, as the player can crash into debris on either side of the landing area.

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