Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

The Ranger is unlocked at Level 42 in Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer mode. It cannot be aimed down the sights. Instead, the aim down sights button fires the second barrel. With the Akimbo attachment, the aim down sights button fires one shotgun while the fire button fires the other. Pressing the button again fires the second barrel of the respective shotgun. Thus, at most Ranger users can only fire two barrels at a time. Akimbo is one of the more preferable attachments as it gives you four shots without reloading, as opposed to only two without Akimbo. The attachment has little cost since you cannot use the iron sights on the Ranger even without Akimbo. Being able to fire four shots helps at medium range when the target is too far away to be killed in one or two shots. It is also fairly accurate, despite what the Create-A-Class stats and common sense would say.

Akimbo Rangers are often seen in multiplayer due to their sheer power. Much of the skill using the Ranger requires knowing when to fire two barrels or only one when faced with multiple enemies and knowing when to fire two shells from one shotgun, which allows the player to reload only one shotgun with the other still available for defense.


  • When using Akimbo, even without the FMJ attachment, 4 shots will destroy a car at full health at point-blank range.
  • The challenge "Both Barrels" requires you to kill a player by firing both barrels of the shotgun at the same time can also be accomplished by killing 2 players without reloading and without using Akimbo.
  • When reloading, the user discards both shells even when there is a shell left.
  • There is only one trigger on the create a class picture.
  • The Ranger and the Model 1887 have the least attachments in the game, only being able to accept Akimbo and the FMJ.

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