Red Dot Sight is a type of reflex sight that specifically uses a red dot as a reticle. Reflex sights are popular with law enforcement and military personnel because red dot sights allow the operator to aim quickly and accurately with both eyes open, as well for ease of use in low light conditions.

Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the Red Dot Sight is available for all weapons except sniper rifles, pistols, and the MP44 assault rifle. When selected as a weapon attachment, the red dot sight replaces the weapon's iron sights. In multiplayer, the Red Dot Sight is obtained by completing the first marksman challenge (killing 25 enemy players in total with the specified weapon) of any Assault RifleSubmachine GunLight Machine Gun or Shotgun. The Red Dot Sight is popular because it allows full peripheral vision and is clearer and easier to use than iron sights. Although the Red Dot Sight does not actually increase the weapon's range or accuracy, it decreases the time needed to aim down sight.

The scope-style in-game model is based on the Tasco BKRD30, which is mounted on M4A1 Carbines and G36Cs in single-player. The "open" Red Dot Sight, seen on the SOPMOD version of the M4A1, the P90 SD on All Ghillied Up, and the only one in multiplayer, is a Sightmark Sure Shot.

Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the Red Dot Sight has some changes. The new model is a square, being smaller, less obtrusive and allowing a better peripheral view. For the most part, it is similar to the Red Dot Sight in Call of Duty 4.

Some weapons now have their own unique Red Dot Sights. The TAR-21 uses the circular MARS Sight, and the F2000 also has its own red dot sight, similar to the optical sight of the TAR-21, but this is incorrect as it should have a 1.6x zoom optical sight. All Red Dot Sights, except for the F2000's, are disabled when an EMP is deployed.

Getting 60 kills while looking down a red dot sight unlocks the Holographic Sight for primary weapons.

The model used in the game is of a fictional design, but is based on the Trijicon MS04/MS08.

Call Of Duty : Black Ops 

The Red Dot Sight returns in Black Ops, seen mounted on the Commando in the multiplayer teaser trailer. Unlike the Red Dot seen in previous games, this one has a different design, being more flush with the weapon. The AK-47 and its derivatives that are featured in the game, the AK-74u and RPK, use a version that resembles the one from Modern Warfare 2 with a slightly thicker frame. Although it is called a Red Dot Sight, the player can customize the color and shape of the reticle along with the lens color. There are 7 reticle colors and 6 lens colors. The reticle shape can be changed at level 25, the reticle color at level 25 and the lens color at level 28. The confirmed shapes are as listed:


Each custom shape costs 500. Including the default dot shape there are 40 different shapes. The color of the reticule can also be changed for 500, with the possible lens colors being green, blue, purple, teal, yellow, red and orange. 

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