Band Of Brilliance

The player starts out riding on a tank seen at the end of the previous level as Miller in a rainforest. Soon rockets come and explode the tank with you having to find cover. You start out with a M1897 Trenchgun and the Browning .30 cal. This is an excellent weapon combination, and there is no need to swap out for anything else.The very first part of the mission ( The Ambush ) Is the hardest. There is a lot of things to block out your visibility, like leaves, as well as a lot of enemies with automatic weapons. Don't waste too much Browning ammo, as you will find yourself in serious trouble if you get outgunned. Use the Shotgun or the Thompson in the beginning, and the M1 when you can. After the ambush, the player is told to get on a triple 25 AA gun in order to wipe out the first artillery position. After that, another AA gun is being used by Japanese infantry, but they scramble as soon as you arrive. An M1 Garand with launcher is found before the AA gun, if you need it. After killing even more enemies, you move along the path and soon follow a Flame Tank. You then enter The Point (the place where artillery guns that shoot you in Little Resistance) and wipe out infantry in the tunnels inside. After that, you regroup and the mission ends.

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