Call Of Duty 5 : World At War 

Revolution is a medium sized multiplayer map, featured inCall of Duty: World at War. It was released with Map Pack 3, on August 6, 2009. 

Sections of the map are similar to the campaign level "Vendetta", where the player escapes the burning building and eventually snipes General Amsel. This shows the map is set in Stalingrad. It is also rather ironically centered around a vodka distillery, and there are many posters around the map advertising it.

The map offers mainly short-to-medium combat, but there are several areas that feature long-range sightlines, which are used effectively by snipers. Players sniping should generally stay in the edges of the map, to avoid short-range combat with SMG users. In and around the distillery in the center, SMGs and possibly machine guns are most effective, due to the close quarters, and abundance of cover. Shotgunning is also common, with some players camping at the stairs in the distillery, to catch the SMG gunners off guard. Riflemen are more suited to outdoors combat as most of the indoor areas are close quarters where submachine guns will work better. Bouncing Betties are easily hidden among the rubble in certain buildings, which can help a sniper out if players are attempting to flank 


  • Placed all over the map are posters with pictures of PPS-43's, PPSH'sand Lenin's head. This is a likely a reference to the First Russian Civil War.
  • In one building, named Univermag (Russian: Универмаг - Department store), there are many mannequins, some with strange poses, and one which is standing in a position of a sniper. This is a reference to the movie "Enemy at the Gates".
  • In the upstairs of the above-mentioned store, there is a glitch where the player will become stuck, accessible by standing on a box nearby the B objective in Search and Destroy.


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