Call Of Duty : Black Ops 

The SAM turret can shoot down all enemy airborne killstreaks, including Valkyrie Rockets, but not the Blackbird. Airstrike-class killstreaks such as Napalm Strike and Rolling Thunder can't be shot down (confirmed on the PS3 with the Napalm Strike). Like the Sentry Gun, this killstreak must be called in by airdrop before placing it. The SAM turret only fires a limited number of missiles, and then self-destructs. The player can only place two SAM turrets at once. Placing a third turret will destroy the first one. Like the Sentry Gun, the SAM turret can be destroyed by the enemy team. The SAM turret picks its targets based on how long they've been active, not by how dangerous they are. For instance, a SAM Turret would first destroy a Spy Plane that's been active for 20 seconds then attack a Gunship that has been up for 10 seconds. The rocket from it travels fast, even faster than the Valkyrie Rocket. One knife slash will destroy it. SAM turrets last 1 minute and 30 seconds - thrice the time of Counter Spy Planes. 


  • The Turret can kill its owner if its owner is standing near the rocket explosion. The rocket will pass through friendly players without detonating, but if it impacts a wall or its target and its owner is too close, it will kill him.
  • SAM Turrets can destroy enemy Valkyrie Rockets.
  • The SAM Turret seems to reload itself and fire more than 2 missiles, though it only has 2 missile pipes.
  • The killstreak selection menu background is Nuketown.
  • It takes 1 missile from the SAM Turret to destroy Spy Planes, Counter Spy Planes, Airdrop Helicopters, and a Valkyrie Rocket.
  • It takes 3 missiles from the SAM Turret to destroy an Attack Helicopter, a Chopper Gunner, and a Gunship. It will take 1 missile to deploy the helicopter's flares and 2 more missiles to destroy the helicopter itself.
  • It's wise when using a controllable helicopter to destroy the turret as soon as possible to avoid being shot down. Unlike Gunships and Chopper Gunners, Attack Helicopters cannot attack SAM Turrets.
  • The SAM turret will wait until the Spy Plane scans the map one time before firing a missile at it to allow the user and their teammates to locate SAM Turrets (as the Spy Plane and Blackbird will reveal the location of turrets) and the destroy it. 

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