Band Of Brilliance

You start out just seconds before you left off in Of Their Own Accord where Pvt. Ramirez's team has just been shot down and is now defending its position. As Russian forces approach you, a search light whites-out the screen, then you play briefly as Sat1, an unnamed astronaut on an EVA mission outside the International Space Station (ISS). Mission Control in Houston asks you to look toward the dark side of the Earth for a bogey (the SLBM thatCaptain Price launched). You observe the missile's path until it eventually detonates in the atmosphere above Washington D.C. The shockwave soon reaches the ISS and destroys both the station and you. The explosion causes an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that blacks out all the East Coast (except Florida), but it also saves the lives of many U.S. Army Rangers back in Washington. Air vehicles start to fall from the sky as your team makes its way to a building for shelter. After everything goes quiet, an Army runner tells the team to get to location Whiskey Hotel (aka White House). After plowing through some remaining Russian personnel in an office building, you get to the President's secret bunker under the East Wing.

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