Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

Showdown is a small, desert, middle eastern type map. Its circular design is perfect for flanking the enemy. Despite its size, short range weapons often have a disadvantage on this map. Because of the size of this map airstrikes or helicopters are often very valuable. Many players think that this map works with either Free for All or small Team Deathmatches best. Desert camouflage works best. The map quite closely resembles the courtyard where President Al-Fulani was executed by Al-Asad, except for the statue and other changes. A market place seems to take place out of the possible palace (it is where players are often spawned). It is possible to get on the roof of the center by Glitching.

In hardcore, the player should particularly make sure his/her team controls the top level as it is a great vantage point. Also put claymores on the stairs otherwise the player will easily be flanked. Assault and LMG classes work well here, though some players prefer to use a submachine gun. Sniping is not recommended here, but some players use an M21 with an ACOG scope on the top level. Running across the middle is not advised due to being an easy target. A cheap trick is to hide behind the pot plant next to the smaller stairs and shoot people in the back. This always works but don't stay there for too long. In Hardcore Search and Destroy, it is fairly easy for the team starting out 

with the bomb first to plant it at Target A, which most people do. SMG's are usually the best choice on this map, but assault rifles work well too. If choosing an assault rife, add a grenade launcher. At the start of the match, the player can usually launch a grenade across the map, in order to kill the other team as they spawn. As mentioned above sniping is not recommended. Shotguns are fairly useless here, unless hiding in one of the entrances to the plaza behind a box and camp. There is a good spot for LMG's near one of the stairwells inside the plaza. There is a plant bed resting against the stairs that the player can get into, and it faces one of the entrances to the plaza. Here, the player can acquire targets coming into the plaza, and it's usually good for some kills. Juggernaut is recommended, as people will catch on and start lobbing grenades. The player should be safe as long as enemies don't get into the plants and the player has Juggernaut on. Another camping tactic is to hide behind the open door around the USMC spawn point as the door will conceal the player to any players emerging from the arena. However it is recommended to place a claymore on the corner next to it, as the player is visible to anyone passing by. A good hiding spot is the plans near the staircase in the structure surrounding the main part of of the map. Be sure to use silenced weapons and switch staircases often or other players will soon catch on.  

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