Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

In Singleplayer, the Skorpion is used infrequently by Ultranationalists and Loyalists. It is found in Crew ExpendableBlackout,SafehouseThe Sins of the Father and Mile High Club.

In Multiplayer, the Skorpion has a magazine capacity of 20 rounds and has a relatively short range, but has very high accuracy. It can be fitted with a Red Dot SightSilencer and ACOG Scope. All players start with this weapon in the Old School Multiplayermode.

The Skorpion is the only automatic weapon in the game with no noticeable sway or recoil (all other automatics have one or both). This makes the Skorpion a suitable weapon in Hardcore modes, where it can deliver two shot kills at any range. The Skorpion is best used in close-quarters combat because of its high rate of fire, high hip accuracy, and high maximum damage, which is only dealt at a very short range. However, because of its extremely low recoil, it is fairly easy to kill people who are far away without having to burst fire. Using the suppressor also helps with this, as it removes the muzzle flash which may blind the user, whilst still keeping the recoil low.

It is also interesting to note that in the game, shell casings eject from the side of the gun despite the fact that the ejection port is clearly visible on the top, most likely because Infinity Ward did this so as not to blind the player's view with flying shell casings when using iron sights.

The Skorpion has an extremely high maximum damage of 50, allowing for a two shot kill, but it has a very low range, and its minimum damage is 20. It will deal minimum damage in all but the closest encounters.

Call Of Duty : Black Ops

The Skorpion returns in Black Ops, and retains most of its traits from Call of Duty 4, sporting a 20 round magazine, low recoil, and high accuracy from the hip. It can be purchased after Level 7 and costs 2000. It does the highest damage per second out of all the SMGs, but is over looked for its low magazine size and extremely short-range damage drop-off. Within its range, it is tied for the highest damage per second in the game and with the Rapid Fire attachment it takes the title on its own. Due to its low recoil, the usefulness of agrip on the weapon is questionable, though having one attached will give the weapon virtually no recoil at all when aiming down the sights. Similar to the MAC11, the Extended Mag attachment is recommended, as it gives the weapon 30 rounds in the magazine, opposed to the 20 without it.



  • The stock is always folded up, even though a real life user could use it.
  • The silencer reduces the Skorpion's falloff damage (the further the bullet goes, the less damage up to a fixed percentage depending on the weapon) at long range by a slight amount. It is not noticeable in game due to most people using the weapon for close combat.
  • Without a silencer, the Skorpion has a small cocking pin with a small bump at the end. However, when the Skorpion has a silencer attached, the pin can only be seen as a small bump where the pin should be.
  • When the Skorpion has a silencer attached, it seems to retain the metallic folding stock. This is impossible, as even the smallest silencer available wouldn't fit on the barrel given the dimensions of the stock and therefore the user would be required to remove/change the stock or at least to extend the stock to make way to attach a suppressor.
  • Realistically, the Skorpion is used as a very effective side-arm, used mainly by the Czech military.
  • The Skorpion is the worst weapon to Reload Cancel with, as the difference between actual and technical reload completions is profound (quarter-second delay after animation finishes before the game "recognizes" the gun as reloaded).
  • CoD Skorpion ejects brass directly to the right side. Realistic Sa61 ejects them much much higher, almost above the weapon (and this makes it annoying e.g. in rooms with low ceilings).

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