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Sniper Fi is a Special Ops level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The objective is to hold off waves of enemies using all the player has at his disposal. On Regular difficulty, the player will have to hold off three waves of infantry, one Jeep and one Truck for one star. On Hardened difficulty, the player will have to hold off four waves of infantry, two Jeeps and one Truck for two stars. On Veteran difficulty, the player will have to hold off five waves of infantry, three Jeeps and two Trucks for three stars.

The Infinity Ward best time for this level is 1 minute 55.5 seconds

The level takes place in a snowy open area, with little cover and a few buildings for vantage points. The player should start off by placing a Claymore mine at the ladder to his left, and another at the stairs to the right, and then he should snipe every enemy he can see. He should make use of the M240's Heartbeat Sensorand not leave the starting position as it offers great cover. Be aware that enemies will occasionally throw grenades up at the player if they get close. When Trucks and Jeeps arrive, use Predator Missiles or RPGs to take them out before the occupants can disembark from the vehicles. The player should keep a firm eye on his enemies, as the Predator Missile "wobbles" a lot when first launched. Ghost and Soap will tell the player when he can use the missiles, so pay attention to what they say.


  • Ghost and Soap confirm that the player is controlling Gary "Roach" Sanderson when they address him as Roach; Sanderson's callsign.
  • Ghost will inform the player how far they have progressed through each wave, while Soap will inform the player when the Predator missile is online.
  • The title could possibly be a reference to the first mission of the previous gameSemper Fi, but seeing as how Infinity Ward likes to distance itself from Treyarch, it is most likely a reference to the United States Marine Corps's motto "Semper Fidelis", which is Latin for "Always Faithful".
  • Trucks hold ten enemies: a driver, a passenger in the seat next to the driver, and eight additional passengers in the back. It is vital on the harder difficulties that the player destroy the truck before the enemies manage to disembark and become a serious threat.
  • Jeeps hold four enemies: one driver and three passengers. They can be destroyed quickly with concentrated fire from an M240.
  • This mission is based on the level Contingency of Modern Warfare 2 campaign.
  • If the player does not pick up the Predator Drone Control Laptop, Captain Price can be heard saying: "Roach, use the Predator Drone."

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