Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

In multiplayer, it is the first shotgun available to the player. The SPAS-12 is one of two pump action shotguns in the game, the other being the W1200, which isn't available anywhere but the Museum.

In multiplayer this weapon is often overlooked because of its comparatively low rate of fire. The SPAS-12`s iron sights are also considered inferior because the rear sight occludes the player's vision and the front pick is to the left of the notch in the rear sight. The SPAS-12 also has high iron sight aim sway. The SPAS-12, however, can be extremely devastating when in the right hands as its range and accuracy is only matched by the Masterkey Shotgun and the slightly shorter range Model 1887. Comparing a single 1887 to a SPAS-12, the pump action of the SPAS-12 cycles much quicker than the lever action 1887, though the 1887s can be used Akimbo, effectively doubling their rate of fire. Additionally, if one uses the Extended Magazines attachment, the SPAS-12 will have a capacity of 16 shells, twice its usual capacity. The SPAS-12 is also one of the best shotguns to use a silencer with, with the silencer only limiting the weapon's maximum effective range slightly.

Call Of Duty : Black Ops 


The SPAS-12 is featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops. The SPAS-12 is semi-automatic, and has its stock in the folded position. One of the key benefits of the SPAS-12 is that it has the largest capacity of all the shotguns. They are commonly found on enemies in the levels "The Defector" and "Numbers" with no attachments. In "The Defector," the player starts the mission with a SPAS-12 equipped with Dragon's Breath incendiary shotgun shells. The Dragon's Breath is aesthetically identical to the rounds regularly fed into the SPAS-12, the only difference is that the Dragon's Breath has incendiary shells, meaning that the rounds let out fire, symbolizing it's name. The Dragon's Breath also has a wider reticle than the normal SPAS-12, which will allow for multiple enemies being taken out. However, the Dragon's Breath does not appear outside of the Campaign.


The SPAS-12 is featured in multiplayer and is available for purchase at level 24. It must be pumped after picking it up and reloading, but operates in semi-automatic mode. The SPAS-12's only attachment is the Suppressor. While aiming down the sights will tighten the spread of the shot, the SPAS-12's sights are very obstructive and the recoil blocks the target completely, so Steady Aim would be a useful perk. The SPAS-12's key benefits lie in its larger magazine capacity than the other shotguns and its ability to be suppressed with no penalty to range or damage.

It deals medium-low damage, but it excels at close quarters, and is best suited for close distances, although more often than not it will take two or three shells to obtain a kill (however at close range more often than not the SPAS-12 will kill in one shot). Contrary to what the in-game statistics say, the Suppressor attachment has no negative effect on the SPAS-12, so there is no reason not to use it.

Although the SPAS-12 has less range and damage per shot than the Stakeout, it is able to hold double the ammo (8 shells, versus 4 in the Stakeout) and boasts a much higher rate of fire due to the SPAS-12's semi-automatic nature. Even though the SPAS-12 is less likely than the Stakeout to get a one-hit kill, it is much easier to fire subsequent rounds if necessary. However, recoil is high, and, unlike the Stakeout, there is no Grip attachment to mitigate this. The SPAS-12 is relatively underrated in the online community but can actually be an extremely powerful mid-range and room clearing weapon once the player masters and compensates for its rate of fire and range. It can easily out-perform most weapons in close quarters and even at range with an element of surprise with the Suppressor.


The SPAS-12 is available in the Mystery Box. It is effective in the early-mid rounds, often capable of killing zombies in one shot, but it has a long reload time as each shell is loaded individually. It is also available as a weapon power-up in Dead Ops Arcade, where it is fully automatic, has increased range, and has a wide spread. This makes it very helpful when fighting large amounts of zombies.

When Pack-a-Punched, the SPAS-12 comes out as the "SPAZ-24" which has a 24 round magazine and when reloading it just takes one shell to fully reload. This version is also fully automatic. It can be very effective at killing masses of zombies in a fast rate making it more helpful when trying to get out of a large crowd. Using Double Tap Root Beer in conjunction with the "SPAZ-24" is a love-it-or-hate it as it can kill large crowds faster, but wastes ammo faster as well. The SPAZ-24 is arguably better than the Raid, as it has more starting ammo and is fully automatic. However, ammo for the Raid can be bought off the wall for 4500 points. 


  • In the "WMD" trailer at GTTV, "SPAS" was the original name/place holder name for the SPAS-12.
  • It was originally intended to make the SPAS-12 have the Dragon's Breath attachment in multiplayer. However, this was scrapped in early development, possibly due to balancing issues.
  • If Gold Camouflage is equipped, the rounds being inserted will be gold. The same applies for the Stakeout and Olympia.
  • In Dead Ops Arcade the SPAS-12's icon has a suppressor, but it does not seem to show when the player fires the weapon.
  • When looking carefully at this weapon after fired in third person, it appears the holder pumps the gun after every shot. This cannot be seen in first person. This is because all of the shotguns in Black Ops having the same third person animations.
  • The SPAS-12 is the only shotgun in Call of Duty: Black Ops to have a suppressor available.
  • The SPAS-12 is a power-up in Dead Ops Arcade.
  • Samantha Maxis' favorite weapon is the SPAS-12.
  • When the SPAS-12 is fired, the ejection port opens and closes as normal, however no shell is ejected; and then, when the player pumps it, the shell will eject but the port will not open.
  • There are multiple fingerprints visible on the SPAS-12. There appears to be one on the stock, a few on the receiver and one on the pump mechanism.
  • FMJ does not add the "fireworks" animation when pellets hit a surface.
  • Equipping a Suppressor to the SPAS-12 in multiplayer gives it the name "SPAS-12 Silencer", rather than "SPAS-12 Silenced".
  • While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was in development, the SPAS-12 used the M1014's pick-up icon.
  • In "The Gulag" and some Special Ops missions, enemies can drop SPAS-12s with white pump and grip, serving as basic Arctic Camouflage. These SPAS-12s also have the firing sound of a M1014.
  • The third-person firing sound of the SPAS-12 is identical to the first-person firing sound of the W1200.
  • When using PC hacks & changing the field of vision, one can see that the shotgun shells are simply stuck on to the players right thumb when reloading.
  • In singleplayer, empty shells can be ejected when the gun is cycled, but the shells aren't seen in multiplayer.
  • The SPAS-12 has somewhat noticeable idle sway while ADS with iron sights.
  • Even though the AA-12 and SPAS-12 have the same rounds, they have different marks in the ground when fired.
  • The SPAS-12 can fire off slightly but noticeably faster when hip fired during any game mode in that the player can fire off the next shot during the pump animation, roughly when the barrel of the weapon touches the cross hairs on-screen.
  • If aiming down the sights right after shooting, the player will zoom in the scope but pump in normal way, meaning most of the gun will be out of the field of vision.
  • If pressing the "switch weapons" button with right timing it seems that the shotgun will go through the players head.
  • If the player sprints, then he switches to his primary and then back to the SPAS with the right timing, the weapon will roll, same applies to the M1014 and Striker, which have the same draw animation.

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