Band Of Brilliance

Call Of Duty 5 : World At War

Asylum is an excellent place for Tabun Gas because most of the time enemy troops are packed tightly together and when stunned will set you up for two or three quick kills. Remember to at least aim the Gas Grenade because if you just start chucking them up, it is easy to waste them, or even stun yourself at the time, resulting in your death. Another great tip is to mix and match this with the Shades Perk, Signal Flares, and the Second Chance Perk. If there is an ally down and you can quickly run to them, set up some flares around them, and save them. This way, no one can see that they are being helped and both of you can run off to recover. Also, you won't be affected by the flares due to Shades. It's not recommended in tight spaces, as there will be a lot of bullet fire and some grenades to shoot.

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