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Call Of Duty 5 : World At War

In singleplayer mode, the Springfield is only used by Pvt. Denny in the mission Semper Fi. It is also found in the levels Relentlessnear one of the anti-tank positions, and Breaking Point near the supply drop.

In multiplayer mode, it is the first bolt action rifle given to you, and the only one besides the PTRS-41 that starts out with the sniper scope unlocked. Because it starts with a scope, the Springfield is a much preferred choice over other bolt-action rifles. Also, the Springfield fires slightly faster than other bolt actions, making it the best bolt action sniper (except in terms of power), except that the Arisaka's scope moves less while crouched or prone. It can be compared to the M40A3 in Call of Duty 4.

Because the scope is available from the beginning it has one less attachment to earn, and therefore has one less challenge.

When used without a scope, the Springfield's iron sights are difficult to use properly. If you look carefully at the sight, you can see that at the very top the sight tapers off to a point, just below that point is a light colored line that is the true impact point. It is possible that the game developers put this in accidentally or purposely, as the Springfield is your "low-end" bolt-action weapon. It should also be noted that it has the fastest bayonet stab of any weapon.

An overall good sniper rifle, although the iron sights are often found to be the most difficult of all the weapons to use properly, mostly because they are slightly off, along with the Nambu.

The Springfield appears only in the first Nazi Zombie level, Nacht der Untoten. It is available with and without scope.

Without scope, it is considered one of the worst guns available, even moreso because of it's inaccurate iron sights. It cannot kill with a single shot, even at level 1.

The scoped variant can be obtained from the Mystery Box or the Sniper Cabinet on the second floor. It is much more powerful than the non-scoped variant, but will lose it's power quickly after the tenth round. it will also leave the player vunerable to nearby zombies, unless a teammate has got you covered.


  • All bolt action rifles become quieter without a scope, but this effect is more noticeable on the Springfield (only from first person, they all receive the same noise reduction in third person).
  • In Call of Duty, due to the British lacking their own sniper rifle in single player, they use the Springfield in multiplayer.
  • The Springfield, along with the Nambu pistol, have what are considered to be the worst, and most confusing, iron sights in Call of Duty: World at War.
  • The Springfield the player uses as a sniper rifle in Call of Duty: World at War is the M1903A4 variant, a variant with a semi pistol grip stock, and no iron sights specifically designed only as a sniper rifle. Although there is really no difference in the stock,the removed iron sights are noticeable.

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