Band Of Brilliance

The level starts with PFC. Joseph Allen and Sgt. Foley training some local Afghan National Army soldiers who keep firing from the hip during training. Sgt. Foley tells Allen to do a quick weapons demonstration. Allen picks up an M4A1, shoots the targets, and then throws a frag grenade to demonstrate its effectiveness against multiple targets.

After teaching the local soldiers, Foley tells Allen to meet Cpl.Dunn at The Pit. Dunn demonstrates that switching to a sidearm is faster than reloading. Then Dunn tells the player to run the course. In the course, the player has to clear enemy emplacements without civilian casualties. After running The Pit, the difficulty for the game is chosen. The game suggests a difficulty for the player based on one's Pit time, but the player can choose an easier or harder difficulty.

Shortly after leaving The Pit, an alarm sounds and soldiers will rush to a group of returning Humvees that have brought wounded soldiers from BCT One, including Walden and Arnett.[1]. Sgt. Foley yells to the squad to ready up, and the player then prepares for battle. Also at the end of the Pit, it is possible to hear some Rangers talking about Soap's, Roach's, and Ghost's obstacle course scores.


Intel No. 1: Intel number one can be found by a white tower (northeast corner) on the left after the basketball court and open field area. Make sure you retrieve it before you go down to the pit.

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