Band Of Brilliance

Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

The Stealth Bomber is a 9-kill killstreak that calls in a B-2 over the map for a carpet bomb. Unlike a Precision Airstrike, the bomber does not show up on enemy radar and is not announced to the opposing team. The bombing spreads over the entire length of the map. If a player is in a protected position while an enemy Bomber passes, they will suffer severe shell shock, incurring a large movement penalty and a persistent ringing sound for a short time.

When selecting the target area to bomb, the arrow should be dragged from one end of the map to the other over the target. The Stealth Bomber has a seemingly infinite load of bombs on its single run, and carpet bombs the entire length of the map. This makes it great for maps like Wasteland with a lot of exposed ground. It is also very useful when the enemy team is on one side. The large spread of bombs can cover the whole area of Rust. It's effectiveness is increased if a UAV is available to reveal the positions of enemies on a map.

Calling in a Stealth Bomber gives 300 XP.

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