Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 

Strike is a large multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - only available for the latter game through the Resurgence Pack DLC. 

 Strike is a very urban map with the largest open space being the two roads that run through the map. There are many small buildings that see little combat, although a good sniper can control a large area of the map while being safely planted inside one. Light Machine Guns are favored here.

"Taliban Avenue" and "Al-Qaeda Road", the two main intersecting streets (in the middle of the map creating a "T" below the marketplace) are where the most choke points for snipers and assault classes are located. The apartment block to the south provides sniper points covering nearly the entire map. Be aware of the Al-Jazeera towers to the West, they provide a blind corner for rushers. There are long lines of view, and most fighting occurs building-to-building across the streets. People tend to enjoy this map most with Team Deathmatch or Headquarters settings. Desert Camouflage is often preferred.


  • The building that is near Flag C is similar to the one found in Crossfire near Flag B, but it has 2 extra rooms on the top floor. On the Modern Warfare 2 version, there is a back door into this building into a new room that allows access to the front.
  • There is a jeep on the loading screen that doesn't appear on the map.
  • On one of the walls it says "USA go home", referring to the OpFor telling the Marines/Rangers to leave.
  • If the player goes far enough out of the map, they can see a picture of a city.
  • The Modern Warfare 2 version's lighting is substantially brighter.
  • There are mortarsZPU-4 anti-aircraft guns, andSentry Guns on the roofs of some buildings.
  • Chickens have been added to the marketplaces on this map.
  • Despite being an urban based map, this map uses the Desert ghillie suit.
  • Although this map is set in the Middle East, the license plates on the cars are Russian.
  • The building seen in the loading screen's windows used to be unleveled from the other, this has been fixed.
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