Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 

Sub Base is a snowy, multi-leveled map, with many large open spaces as well as enclosed buildings and exposed rooftops.

Amid the buildings is a large courtyard-styled area in the middle of the map. Many routes on the map flow into this area, making it a highly-contested area for gunfights. Players on the catwalks fight against enemies approaching through a tunnel as well as an adjacent rooftop. A large warehouse at one end is used for long-range firefights whereas at the other end, the power station is home to close-quarter battles. 

A good S&D tactics when the player feels that planting the bomb is unneeded (Such as when only a few players are on the other team) is to get to the walkway over the submarine and jumping onto the ledges. This is especially good with suppressed weapons and Cold-Blooded since the death skull will attract other players while not giving one's position away from gun fire or an enemy UAV.

It is possible to climb onto the submarine on the West side of the map. This can be achieved two ways: One is standing on the small walkway that passes over the sub, and simply climbing over it, or a player can execute a running jump from the two buildings to the east of it. This can only be done with Commando and Lightweight, unless the player lands on on of the small crane-like structures supporting the sub. This is a useful place to hide, especially when camping next to the sub tower, because players rarely look that way at first and can be killed several times before they catch on. However, one should exercise caution, because if a character slips into the small drop around the submarine, they will immediately die. The only advantage to this is that if the player is carrying a bomb in S&D or Sabotage, the bomb will remain there, unobtainable. 


  • SEALs have a subtle advantage on this map, because they are more difficult to see indoors due to their black suits, however, they are very visible at outside. The Spetsnaz's arctic suit somewhat balances this, but they are still quite visible in outdoors as well.
  • Along with the obviously Russian submarines at the base there is at least one American Los Angeles-class at the dock and a SEAL Delivery Vehicle hanging from a gantry in one of the buildings, both of these were from "The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday".
  • If on the SEALs team, the urban Ghillie Suit will be provided, whereas theSpetsnaz receive an Arctic one.
  • There is a poster in the building just right of the Russian spawn that shows an AK-47's parts and how to disassemble it.
  • Near the Spetsnaz spawn point, there is a DART II Tsunami Warning System.
  • One of the subs near the Spetsnaz spawn can be jumped onto, however despite the abundance of seemingly climbable scaffolding parts, jumping down instantly causes death as if the player had jumped off the map. This occurs even with Commando Pro enabled.


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