Call Of Duty 5 : World At War 

Sub Pens is a multiplayer map that was released, in Map Pack 2 for Call of Duty: World at War, on June 11, 2009.

Sub Pens is a small map, set in a bombed out submarine base, with two sides seperated by two Japanese float planes which are positioned in the center. There are several flanking routes, and plenty of cover throughout. Because of this, almost any playstyle can be used effectively. However, it can be difficult to use a sniper rifle, as the map mainly consists of close quarters fighting, and there are few elevated positions which are useful for sniping - effective sniping can only be accomplished if teammates support these few areas with automatic weapons.

Elements of this map are absent from the campaign, unlike most multiplayer maps. 

At the start of the match, it can be good to either rush through the submarine and take a flanking route, directly around the back of where the enemy spawned. Submachine guns are very effective on this map, due to the high amount of close-quarters fighting, but shotguns can also be used effectively because of this. Machine guns, such as the MG42, can excel on this map if used correctly. The Flamethrower can be used in close quarters if the player is using a rifle, as these weapons are usually outclassed by automatic guns in these situations.

On each side of the map there are elevated rooms, which can give a good view over relatively large sections of the map; these are effectively the only decent positions from which to snipe from. Some players will camp in these areas with automatic weapons as well, which is generally looked down upon, especially if the player uses Bouncing Betties to protect the flanks, unless they are sniping. 


  • The boats off of the coast of this map are identical to the ones seen in Cliffside, right down to their identification number, 78. This is because only one model has been made for each type of boat, and in both maps, most boats have a 78 on them.
  • On two of the allied ships there is a floating white light connected to nothing.
  • There are several PT boats around the docks on the map.
  • The submarine in the map appears to be a Sen Toku I-400 class submarine, a Japanese submarine aircraft carrier and the largest submarine of WWII.
  • The small floatplanes in the submarine's hangar and the sub pen are Aichi M6A's, which were designed specifically for the I-400.
  • On spectator mode, players are able to find a dog house with "DAN" written on it.
  • The mp_docks map was originally to be included on disc. The early map, called Docks, is not related to Sub Pens. 
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