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Call Of Duty 5 : World At War

The weapon is available in the later stages of the Soviet Red Army Campaign missions. Mainly "Heart of the Reich" and "Downfall" contain this weapon. It is used by some Soviet troops (the weapon replaces the Mosin-Nagant in "Heart of the Reich" but in "Downfall" the Mosin-Nagant is still present) while other Soviet troops will use the PPSh-41 extensively. The SVT-40 has had an unfortunate reputation for being a cumbersome and some what inaccurate semi-automatic rifle, indeed it was the longest semi-automatic rifle of the war but when paired with a trained marksman it was devastating at medium to long range.

This is the rifle everyone starts out with in multiplayer and it is a good starting weapon. The SVT's iron sights are quite similar to the Heckler and Koch weapons found in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Many players will be at a stalemate when attempting to find the best rifle. It is only up to preference if the player chooses the SVT-40 or the Gewehr 43, as neither, minding attachments, are very different from each other.

The Aperture Sight for the weapon appears to increase recoil, as the Aperture Sight will bounce back and then snap right back into place. However, this is merely a visual effect and does not affect accuracy whatsoever. With the Telescopic Sight, the SVT-40's chevron-shaped sight is slightly smaller than on the Gewehr's telescopic sight, for more accurate shots, and has a slightly larger viewing area, for a broader view when scoped.

The SVT-40 has high accuracy, low recoil, and good power (30-40). However, it has a relatively low ammo capacity of 10 rounds, which is paired with its qualities as a semi-automatic. Restating the fact, the SVT-40 can attach a Flash Hider, an Aperture Sight, and a Telescopic Sight. Combined with Stopping Power the SVT-40 can take most opponents out in two shots.


  • When equipped with the Telescopic Sight, the SVT-40 looks remarkably like a sniper rifle, more-so than the Gewehr 43 w/ Telescopic Sight, as the scope is somewhat larger and the front sight is removed.
  • The SVT-40 shares ammo with the Mosin-Nagant, but the Mosin-Nagant does more damage, much like the Springfield and the M1 Garand, due to the bolt-action rifle's more powerful, concentrated shots.
  • The icon shown when picking up the SVT-40 shows the magazine is way farther up the rifle than it should be.
  • In the official game guide (which was released before the actual game) states that one can earn the SVT-40 upgrade making the magazine bigger and adding a fully automatic capability. It seems as if this was originally intended for the game but was scrapped.
  • The magazine is much farther forward in the game than in real life, as shown when AI soldiers put their hand behind the magazine.
  • There is also archive film footage of the SVT that shows it with a sword/knife type bayonet mounted, as this is an attachment in WAW for other rifles it is unusual that this was not included for the SVT.

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