Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 

In the campaign it is used heavily by the Russian military in the United States. This is inaccurate, however, considering that Russian Military uses exclusively Kalashnikov series of rifles (e.g:AK-M/74AKS-74uSVD DragunovPK GPMGRPK SAW, etc) or, in the case of the Spetsnaz, the OTs-14 Groza which is also abullpup weapon. However, it can also be considered that Russian military factories are demolished in the civil war in Call of Duty 4, thus forcing the Russian Military to purchase any arms they can get. The weapon is currently manufactured in Georgia and Ukraine, so it is plausible that the Ultranationalists took over their factories or stockpiles. On the other hand, the developers likely thought that it would be redundant to have every Russian using an AK-47 or having to make many similar Kalashnikov-type weapons.

On Campaign, this weapon is always seen with some types of attached sight.

This weapon is unlocked at Level 20.  The TAR-21 carries 30-round magazines, deals 40 damage (30 at range) per shot and fires at 750 RPM, making it one of the higher damage-output weapons in the game.  The weapon also possesses moderate to high recoil, making it difficult to use at long ranges without short, controlled bursts of fire.  The TAR-21 finds itself best used in close- to mid-range situations and is excellent for catching enemies off-guard.

The TAR-21 also possesses a unique Red Dot Sight called the MARS, which offers a slightly smaller, circular viewing space versus standard Red Dot attachments on other weapons. One of the advantages of this sight is that when usingBling with a Heartbeat Sensor, the Sensor is still visible while aiming down the sights. Additionally, the MARS Sight is sometimes unaffected when the enemy deploys an EMP.

In a confirmed headshot test where 3 magazines of the TAR-21 were fired, the weapon had a decent accuracy while in sustained fire. The first test hit about 18 rounds. The second test hit about 24 rounds. The final test hit about 23 rounds. This was all tested at the range of which the ACR was tested. See ACR for more information. This brings the TAR-21's accuracy score to an 65/90 rounds hit on the head after 3 magazines (each TAR-21 magazine holds 30 rounds).


  • There are no iron sights on the weapon when viewed from 3rd Person.
  • When aimed downed the sights using a red dot sight, the Heartbeat Sensor is still easily visible making it an excellent attachment on this weapon. The only other known weapons to have this quality is the AA-12 with a Heartbeat Sensor which can only be found in Special Ops, the L86 LSWRPD and the FAL.
  • The in-game model for a grenade launcher mounted TAR-21 is incorrect; the M203 is merely clamped on the forearm rail, while the actual M203 mount uses a different forearm mount entirely, as well as a lengthened barrel for the forward mount to clamp on, as the TAR-21s forearm is too short to fully accept the M203.
  • It is odd that the Russians would be using the TAR-21 in the campaign, as it is an Israeli gun. The Russians have their own AK series of rifles.
  • The TAR-21, like a few other weapons in the game, has its own unique attached sight to use. Other guns include the L86 LSW w/SUSAT scope and the F2000.
  • In Campaign mode, a TAR-21 with a normal Red Dot Sight can be found as well as one with a MARS sight.
  • The empty reload animation differs slightly with the  Heartbeat Sensor attatchment.
  • This weapon's MARS sight, like the F2000's sight, will still work during an EMP attack.

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