Band Of Brilliance

Team Player

The player will assume control of PFC. Joseph Allen. The level with start off with the player lying on the ground as General Shepherd stands over the player and helps him up. After defending the M104 Wolverine laying the bridge, the level continues and the player must get in a Humvee, taking control of the minigun. As the convoy then drives through the streets, several OpFor will open fire on the Humvee. After an RPG then destroys the vehicle, the player must then clear out a nearby building. Hunter 2-3 informs the squad over the radio that they are taking heavy fire inside a school. Sgt. Foley's team (Hunter 2-1) go in to assist. Then, the player must meet up with General Shepherd at the rally point who personally tells the player that he's taking orders from him from now on. The multiplayer map Invasion (Humvee ride) is based on this level.


  • Intel No. 1: When Cpl.Dunn uses his M9 it's the next room afterwards.
  • Intel No. 2: In one of the school's classrooms. Right after you heard Foley said, "I think I saw one run into that classroom," go inside that classroom, the Intel is on a table next to some barrels.
  • Intel No. 3: Right after you exit the school, there will be a yellow taxi outside. Next to that car are some crates, the laptop is on one of them.

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