Band Of Brilliance

You play as Captain "Soap" MacTavish. Your objective is to escape the aircraft "boneyard" and make it to Nikolai's airplane. This level is a three-way fight, as Makarov's men fight Shadow Company, who will also target you if you pick sides, as the two armies will take each other down if you leave them to it. At certain points, however, you will be forced to engage them. While running, Captain Price has a conversation with Makarov and uses the level's name in the famous saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Makarov reluctantly helps Soap and Price by revealing the location of Shepherd. At the end of the level, you and Price drive a jeep into Nikolai's plane, with the coordinates to General Shepherd's secret base.


Intel 1 : From the starting point, turn west and enter the cockpit of a junkyard plane.

Intel 2 : Inside the only cockpit on top of hill, approx. 88m from the jeep.

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